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It is no secret that fitness competitions have played a large role in the CrossFit PB community since its inception.  Over the past four years, we have been very lucky to have over 20 individuals qualify for the Southern California Regional, as well as multiple teams competing at the highest level in the region.  Bryan and Anders have also had the luxury of being a large part of the programming and organization at The OC Throwdown for the last two years.  We have always enjoyed the competitions, the comradery, and the hustle involved in putting on these events.  There is something endearing about being behind the scenes and watching the pieces of the puzzle come together, for one weekend, to create a competition that runs beautifully.

There has always been a desire to bring this experience to an event that we owned and we controlled.  We wanted the event to bring the Pacific Beach culture to the fitness world.  We are a beach town, filled with surfers, sustained by incredible fitness, and fueled by fireball.  Every time we started racking our brains on the details of a competition, we were strangled by red tape, permits and lifeguards.  We were never able to throw the competition we felt Pacific Beach deserved.  We wanted the beach, and the ocean, and CrossFit, and since it is so hard to get all three, we never got the ball rolling.

In May of 2014, Discover PB approached CrossFit PB about adding a fitness competition to the schedule for the 2014 Pacific Beachfest.  BeachFest is the annual party thrown by Discover PB to highlight local beach businesses.  BeachFest presented the perfect opportunity as Discover PB had already reserved a portion of the beach, allowed access to the ocean for water events, lifeguards to ensure safety, and a beachfront block on Thomas Ave so we could throw around weights and set up a pull up rig.  Now we get to throw the competition we always envisioned.  Ocean, beach, land, over 50,000 people watching the event throughout the day, and of course, we are located right next to the beer garden that will have tasty beverages for everyone in attendance.

The 2014 Stoked and Yoked Championship will consist of 80 two person coed teams and 40 four person coed teams.  The teams will compete in three events over the course of the day.  The event will be programmed for athletes of all levels.  There is no minimum requirement for strength or skill.  All workouts will be programmed in a manner that allows everyone to compete, however, as the workouts progress, the skill and strength requirements will go up.  There will also be a full heat, in the four person division, reserved for the service industry.  By the end of the day, CrossFit PB will have crowned the most Stoked and Yoked two person, four person, and service-industry teams in San Diego.

We want to welcome and thank all of the athletes, volunteers, judges, and sponsors planning to be a part of this event.  None of this would be possible without your help and we look forward to providing you all with a fantastic event.  Please check out the website at for details on registration, volunteering, and sponsorship opportunities.

We are incredibly excited to host this competition in the greatest beach town in the world.  I mean, fitness, Pacific Beach, the ocean, and beer gardens….  Does it get any better?

As with most weeks in my life, I have no clue what the actual day is. I have a built in time clock.  Every day I wake up, shower (most days), and I go to the gym.  I do this most days at 5:30 AM and some days I do this around 7:30.  My days are structured based on gym programming.  I know if I see a lot of people squatting, it is either a Monday or Friday.  If I see cleans and snatches, it is a Wednesday, and if I see a lot of people lying on the floor in piles of sweat it must be Tuesday.  I am a creature of habit.  My body is tuned in to seeing the same people at the same times.  If you randomly show up to a 6:00 AM class, it will be the first thing I mention to you. 

For the past four years, this has been my life.  I wake up and I come to CrossFit PB.  When everyone is done working out, I go home.    After four full years of this, I love it just as much today as I did four years ago.  We opened in 2010, expanded to North PB in 2012, and somewhat peacefully left our initial location and expanded into a 6,000 square foot facility closer to the beach this year.  Turning three new gyms around in four years was never the plan.  We never intended to expand at all.  All we ever wanted to do was be around people that liked working out as much as we did.  Somewhere along the way, we learned a few things about people, business, and the world.  We learned a lot about taking care of people and putting their needs ahead of ours.  In our first year of business we learned about survival.  In our fourth year, we learned about personalization and quality.  Success is no longer defined by the quantity of clients, but the quality and results that every person has from being here.

I still barely understand how we have made it this long.  I do know that we have the greatest coaching staff I have ever come across.  Last week in our coaches meeting I was literally left speechless when I started discussing their efforts.  We must get 7-10 comments a week from current members and drop in’s thanking us and telling us how amazing the coaches are.  I am also forever grateful for their loyalty.  We are a family in the truest sense of the word.  As with every family, we go through the gamut of emotions.  This year was no different.  We continue to stick together and I could not imagine coming to work every day and not seeing these people.  For four straight years I wake up and Lindsay Renteria is here.  It is crazy to think I went to her 21st birthday party four years ago.  Greg Kuchan is my first phone call anytime I want to do anything involving salt water and fun.  Jenn Ryan is absurdly good at everything she does. I mean, half the reason I spend twelve hours day in this place is because I have to somehow find a way to work harder than her.  For the last year, Matt Lodin has taken on the role of Director of Coaching.  If you have been in a class and thought, “Man, these guys are pretty good at coaching,” you can thank him.  He has developed an entire coaching manual, added professionalism and created a litmus test for excellence that is unmatched.   When you surround yourself with people of this caliber, it makes life incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. 

Ten years ago Bryan and I met in a dingy apartment at James Madison University.  On days we were not hungover we did chest, back, and legs.  Hangover days we did bis and tris (lots of preacher curls because we got to sit down).  Despite the obvious differences in programming, he is still the best resource and coach I have ever met.  We often talk about how interesting our dynamic has changed over the years.  From the days of college, moving apart, moving back in together, watching each other get married and engaged, and somehow creating a business out of the same things we did for fun when we first met.  The relationship transcends friendship at this point.  It is so crazy how in tune two people can be to a common vision.  I am so thankful for our friendship, our shared vision, and that we still get to sit next to each other every day and talk about how to get people in really good shape.

If you were to sum up year four, you could say we grew up a little.  In the beginning we spent so many sleepless nights hoping people would show up and want to learn from us.  Well, three locations and a couple hundred members later, we find ourselves staring at the same mission as the day we opened.  Educate people on fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyles, Inspire them to achieve their personal goals, and make it as Entertaining as possible.  The sleepless nights are now spent in constant thought on how to better connect with people and create an environment that is unparalleled in the fitness community.

If you were to ask what the biggest lesson I have learned in owning a business is, the answer is simple.  Every action and thought in your life should be about creating an environment that empowers others to chase their dreams.  The goal is to elevate everyone around you.  Bryan and I cannot do what we do without the most incredible coaching staff and clients.  Our job is to make sure this place gives you back everything that you put into it.

We will be hosting our four year anniversary party this weekend at the gym on Garnet.  We will be rolling in a full casino, all you can eat food, drinks, and a wealth of laughs, and timeless stories of the past four years.  It would be an honor to have you join us and celebrate this place we all call home.  You can pourchase your tickets by following this link.

Thank you to everyone that has ever walked into the doors of CrossFit PB and trusted us with your fitness needs.  We understand this is a huge decision and investment in your life.  Keep showing up, and I promise, we will continue making the most amazing gym you have ever been too.