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For much of my life, birthdays were just a time to party. They were a celebration. As a child, this meant cake and laser tag, or massive gatherings at the local park, followed by three-hour marathon basketball sessions. As a late teen and into the early 20’s, birthdays meant getting an absurdly large liquor tab completely paid for by your best buds.

I remember, as a wee lad, looking up to the elders and thinking “Wow, they’ve really got a grasp on this ‘life’ thing – I can’t wait until I’m old and know everything!” And then something crazy happened. I turned 32 and realize I still don’t know what’s up with this life thing. Just kinda walking around, existing, communicating, working, training, “funning,” vacationing, drinking coffee, writing on this thing called a computer, texting on a handheld computer, and definitely not being tied to one place, restricted by the limitations of a cord on my phone.

As much as technology has depressed a lot of the interpersonal communication, it has also acted as a catalyst to provide insight into the importance of relationships. However, relationships cannot thrive without proximity. I may not have this life thing figured out, but I do know that being able to look someone in the eye and engage them firsthand will always be a more effective and accurate representation of your intentions than trying to do so across the Internet-waves. This has been a substantial part of what Anders and I are trying to achieve within the CFPB community. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience at the gym, looking for ways we can most accurately align our mission with your vision of success.

As a means of accomplishing this, we have introduced numerous programs and opportunities. Some of them thrive, and are accepted by this community, while others do not. That is ok, and we learn something from each.

These days, there are a multitude of ways to get information. You can even go online and get your daily dose of mobility on a video. However, to remain congruent with our mission, we would much rather you get your mobility in person, firsthand, with some of the best experts in the San Diego area. Anders and I have spent months trying to determine how we can best provide CFPB with a mobility and recovery-based program. We’ve been presented with many opportunities, but none of them felt like the right fit. We knew that this program would have to fit within the core values of what we do at CFPB, and that any such program would need to be tailored to the specific needs of our athletes.

I’d like to introduce a truly skillful practitioner – Dr. Theresa Larson from the “Movement-RX” team. Anders and I have had numerous meetings with Theresa and Per (her husband), and we are very excited about providing CFPB with this opportunity. We believe that their mission aligns with our mission, and can work collaboratively to help accentuate YOUR vision of success. The following is an excerpt from their website:

“At Movement Rx we focus on offering personalized movement based Human Performance, Physical Therapy and Wellness programs. With offerings tailored to CrossFitters and their boxes, athletes and their sports teams, and company Wellness initiatives, we customize our approach to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Your goals are the WHY that drives what we do!”

This coming Thursday, August 28th at 6pm, Movement RX will be at the Garnet location to run the inaugural mobility class. Theresa and Per are both active CrossFitters, and they understand all the issues we all face on a weekly basis. This mobility class will run every other Thursday at 6pm, and the class will be directly related to the daily programming and WODS you all have endured that week. I encourage all of you to come and get mobilized, and experience the numerous benefits from this class.

So I now officially embark on my mid-thirties. I still have no clue about all of the intricacies and nuances of this thing called life. I still walk around my daily life just trying to figure it out and be the best I can be for my community. In my state of reflection, I have determined that idealism (providing the best possible experience for all of you) is best when combined with pragmatism (a realistic application of hands-on coaching). We are a tight-knit community of athletes and friends at CFPB. Despite all of the technological advances that have created divisiveness in society, there is no substitution for communicating with your people on a daily basis. As Dave Matthews said, “I do know one thing… where you are, is where I belong.”